Happy Nastya Valentines Day! Today is my day to totally take advantage of this famous day that the ancient druids named after me. Let me begin by showing you this photo diary I have prepared. Hope everyone's had a healthy breakfast of chocolate and red wine, and smooched everyone they love today and every day! xo

Save the date: the first weekend of May is Space Castle, the spa party follow up to last year's mall-themed Party Castle. It's gonna be a fantastic high concept gallery experience. More info soon 💧

Explored this little abandoned mall/spa in beverly hills that had pastries shaped like fancy fashion logos, was p into that as research and as recreation 


I quit my day (night) job at the Standard and started a new full time


Belly Belt


Parker Day Icons


Animal Collective killed it at this basement party (basement castle?)


More Belly Belt & Saint Valentine shows coming up this week! 

Russell agrees:

And the selfies duh!

I leave you with this meme, one of my favorites:

happy valentines day!