Dec 2016  |  DRANK "Sins In My Sippy Cup"

Music video / allegorical space narrative by DRANK. Featuring James Hurwitz, Sofia Celedon, Nathan Castiel, Andrew Levy, Spencer Bronson. 

Pacific Palisades, CA 

6 min

Dec 2016  |  Saint Valentine "Diamond Lexicon"

Visual album/winter time capsule by Nastya Valentine's current music project Saint Valentine. An anti-anxiety spa after the political turmoil.

Los Angeles, CA -- NYC, NY

30 min

Oct 2016  |  Party Castle VIP footage

Video segments from the opening night of Party Castle's gallery opening at Allmost Studios in Mid-City LA.

Los Angeles, CA

2 min

July 2016  |  Jeepneys "YOUR BODY YOUR SHIP"

Music by Jeepneys, featuring Nora Singh and Kendra Dorman.

Atwater Village, CA

4 min

July 2016  |  Saint Valentine "Boat Movie"

Visual album/summer time capsule by Nastya Valentine's current music project Saint Valentine.

Filmed and recorded on iPhone 6 in Russia.

12 min

April 2016  |  Death Valentine "Valentines Night"

Visual album/last album by Nastya Valentine's second music project Death Valentine.


26 min

March 2016  |  Andrew Rinehart "Growing Pain"

Andrew Rinehart's haunting cover of Yoko Ono's "Growing Pain", featuring Luna Miu and Lulo Logan.

DTLA/West Hollywood, CA

4 min

December 2015  |  DRANK "Sins In My Sippy Cup"

Video trailer for the DRANK track "Sins In My Sippy Cup". Codirected and coproduced by Catfish Mamarat.

Pacific Palisades, CA

1 min

September 2015  |  The Glorious "Sex in China"

English rock band featuring Christopher Wicks, Scott Weiland, and Billy Duffy.

filmed in Moscow, Russia

4 min

July 2015  |  Snow Wite "7-11"

Directed by Snow Wite

Filmed by Brandon Kelly & Nastya Valentine

Nina Pop Records 2015

4 min

July 2015  | Period Bomb "Gnarly Princess"

Music video for Period Bomb's song "Gnarly Princess" also shot by Amy Darling and produced by Andreas Cary. 

Los Angeles, CA

4 min

April 2015  | Jonathan/J Dub "In the Land of the Blind"

Music video for "In the Land of the Blind" starring Gracie Joo, Chris McGrath, Tookie Binky, Jonny Cat, Peter Safonov, Nasko Atanasof, Lila Gray, and Chenoa Faun. 

Los Angeles, CA

7 min

January 2015  | The Bedroom Witch "Moth Whispers"

Music video for The Bedroom Witch's song "Moth Whispers" from the self-released album "Moon Bathing"

Oakland, CA

4 min

April 2014  |  "Not Tryina Die Young: Princess on Vacation"

Trailer for Nastya Valentine's senior project in film and music, "Not Tryina Die Young: Princess on Vacation".

Red Hook, Bard College, NY

3 min

January 2014  |  "Lean Heaven Lean"

A visual album/last album by Nastya Valentine's first music project Red Stripe. 

Los Angeles, CA / Red Hook, NY

14 min

May 2013  |  "Driving Into the Void"

A short film about a young girl's first experience with ayahuasca. 

Red Hook, Bard College, NY

25 min

April 2013 | "Day Drinkers: The Narrative: Episode 1: A New Pope"

Short vampire/glampire movie starring Evan Dunn, Richard Hagemann, Dave Maneri, Sofia Celedon, Victoria Shaw, Kate Jackson, Katie Biggs-Wrona, Cassidy Harris, Abe Rosenthal, Cosie Anjrar, and Mona. 

Filmed @ Bard College, NY

15 min

April 2012 | "Wizard of Oz" Reenactment

Video Shoot for "Wizard of Oz" reenactment set to Pink Floyd's "Breathe". Directed by Felix Bernstein.

Filmed @ Bard College, NY

3 min