Castle series (2016-present)

Nastya Valentine Enterprises curates annual high concept parties and art shows with an unpretentious yet elevated vibe, each featuring a new theme, narrative, sponsors, and collaborators. immersive art, installations, live music, VR, bouncy castles, and more


Bliss Castle

5/31/2019 @ Non Plus Ultra (LA)

Turnting the utopian landscape the feck up.

Performances by Plasmic, Mini Bear, Polatropica, Celeste XXX, Nyxe, and Dr. Nastya Valentine’s team of surgeons operating live on stage.

Art by SeuTaku, Lily Noise, Dylan Lusetich, Iris Ray, Costume Slave, and Illiterate White Girl.

Sponsored by BlueRoarVR

photography by Tanner Ross, Chung Hyung, Ingrid Vranjican, Scott Free, Tyler S


Cave Castle

8/4/2018 @ Monk Space (LA)

An epic scaled, multiroom cave-themed Castle in mid-city. Artists included Becca Van K, Visual Witch, Reebz, Illiterate White Girl, and Lily Noise. Performances by Christian Club, Peter Kalisch, Toby Bryan, Belly Belt, and a live score of Darkness. Red Bull provided beverages.

Sponsored by BlueRoar VR

photographs by Tanner Ross and Chung Hyunh


Nuclear Castle

12/15/2017 @ Unseen Gallery (LA)

This nuclear apocalypse-themed Castle featured performances by Belly Belt, Plasmic, Orchin, and Polartropica, Peter Kalisch, and Bodybite, as well as art by Costume Slave, Rufus Paisley, Toby Bryan, Caia Diepenbrock, Illiterate White Girl, and Zero’s Unlikely Snacks.

Sponsored by BlueRoar VR with beverages by Red Bull

Celebrity cameos by Ellen Degeneres, Kaney West, and my ex-husband Elon Mush

photographs by Chung Hyunh, Scott Free, MJ Katz


Space Castle

5/20/2017 @ Twnhll (LA)

The theme of this Castle was a 2050’s spa opened on Mars after Elon Mush terraformed the planet, for the new citizens to relax in. Art and performances by Peter Kalisch, Orchin, Nyxe, Toby Bryan, Naomi Greene, AA Barie, Costume Slave, MJ Katz, Plasmic, and No Sesso.

photographs by Andrew Levy and Sofia Celedon


Party Castle

10/15/2016 @ Allmost Studios (LA)

Party Castle is a mall-themed art show, music show, and gallery experience that opened 10/15 and ran through 10/18 at Allmost Studios & Gallery in Los Angeles. It was set up in a mall-like fashion and followed that theme due to its vast possibilities of interpretation as well as its fun/chillness factor and vision to set up more welcoming and friendly art shows in LA. It also marked the genesis of Nastya Valentine Enterprises.

Artists included: MJ Katz, Carmen Johns, Isabelle Harada, Erika Lawson, Hobbes Ginsberg, Costume Slave, Illiterate White Girl, Lily Moore, Caia Diepenbrock

Performances by: Tempest Le Mans, Mini Bear, Peter Kalisch, Belly Belt

Celebrity cameos: Ellen DeGeneres and Kaney West

Sponsored by: BlueRoar VR

photographs by Tanner Ross and Iris Ray